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Weapon Form

Zdeněk is a first year weapon at DWMA. He actaully just showed up on May 12th. He currently has no insanity points yet. Edit
Name: Zdeněk, he prefers to not mention his last name. Edit
Class: Demon Weapon: Rifled Musket. Edit
Gender: Male. Edit
Age: 17. Edit
Partner: Erin Thorn. Edit
Soul: Loyal, an orange soul with a diagonal stripe of silver down the middle, and the wings of an eagle.Edit

Zdeněk prefers not to talk about his past very much, but if you insist, he will give you bits and pieces. From what everyone has gathered up, his last name was Škára, and he was named after his father, who was a Czech handball player. (His name does have a Jr. in it, but he hates it when anyone called him Junior.) His parents wanted him to become something he was not, a professional of some kind. Either a businessman, a doctor, or even a professional athlete. He wanted to help people, but his parents would not have it. He was unsure of what to do with himself when he, (somewhat late in his life) discovered his powers as a demon weapon. His parents were disgusted by this, telling him he was a monstrosity and to never use this power for any reason. That was when he decided to run away from home to become the greatest weapon he could, because then maybe someone would be able to appreciate what he does. Zdeněk prefers to go by Den.

He also has trouble making friends, but one you become his friend, he will never forget you. Den is about 5'11", with brown hair that he wears spiked up and dark blue eyes. He likes wearing shorts, even on the coldest of days, and has an all white hoodie he wears most days. He always has a very intimidating and scary look on his face, even though he is a really kind a caring person.


Light Binding: He fires a beam of light that entangles enemies, preventing them from moving, as well as causing the next ability used on them to deal additional damage. His resonance form causes him to glow orange, and is surrounded with orange and silver flames.