Vivian is a first year NOT weapon, A .45 Colt Pistol  



Her human appearance

Vivian stands at about 5'5", light violet hair often kept in twin braids. Her skin is pale, her eyes are light purple, with an analytical look to them. Refer to her picture:  for her weapon form, she is a .45 caliber colt pistol, also called a 'hand cannon', silver, gold decals on the side with a black grip.

vivian's gun form

Stats and skillsEdit

Strength 26
perception 48
endurance 37
charisma 29
intelligence 39
agility 38
Willpower 30
wavelength 28

Hit points: 18

Heroic points: 36

Soul pool: 4


Awareness +5


concentration +5

knowledge: psychology


eye of vengeance: Ranged Weapons only. Grant your Meister +10 to hit against an opponent that attacked you last round. This ability does not work if you are not aware of your target’s exact location. 

Special issue ammo: Ranged Weapons only. It costs 1 Soul Point to activate Special Issue Ammunition, and 1 Point per turn to maintain use of it. Each time this feat is selected, the Weapon may pick once from the following list:

Armor Piercing Ammunition: You may spend X number of Soul Points to ignore X points of a target’s damage reduction/hardness. You must spend the Soul Points before any To Hit Rolls are made. 


Vivian was born to a meister, Alexander Stark, and weapon, Olivia Stark. Her father is a criminal pathologist by trade, and also a detective working for the Seattle Police Department, with close ties to the NSA. As a child, Vivian was clearly going to inherit the skills of her mother as a weapon, and her family, traditionally meisters and weapons, hailed her as a prodigy child. She was expected to conform and fit into a mold of pseudo-perfection, something she was mostly apt to do. Her father instructed her on the tools of his trade, analysis, psychology and observation. These traits were instilled into her as part of a homeschool curriculum which would be considered a major challenge for anyone else her age, but she was able to succeed. However, her father and mother's strict upbringing and policies led Vivian to develop a small amount of OCD. She keeps her area absolutely spotless (Note: she is not symmetrical crazy like DtK.), as well as always trying to be tidy, neat, and constantly checks for errors in everything. Recently she has learned to keep this to a minimum, but her personality often reveals this to others she meets. When she reached high school age, she was sent to the DWMA in order to begin learning how to be a proper weapon for a meister.

She enjoys reading, especially murder mystery and psychology books.

She dislikes messes, and ignorance