Raizu Kin is a first year NOT class meister.

Rai can be nice sometimes, but he can also be hotheaded and stubborn.

He however values other's lifes more than his own.

His Drunk Type is Sad, and his tolerance is around 3 beers.


Soul Force

Analytical Mind


Raizu Kin is a 14 year old boy, who came to the DWMA after he witnessed his mother's death to his father. He walked into the house and saw his mother's bloody almost lifeless body, and her head bashed in. Rai's father was standing over her with a small hammer, that was covered in blood. Rai not being able to do anything about it, just watched as Rai's father bashed her head in one last time. Then he ate her soul, and Rai bursted into tears. All he could do was watch the horror. Ever since then, he vowed to kill his father.

Rai currently resides at the DWMA, as a meister. However, he hasn't had the greatest time here. One cause could be that he almost nuked the city. It could be his hotheadedness and him being so stubborn.

When he was training with Soul Force, he has asked another meister, Gage Crowley to help him with it. However, when he wouldn't help him out because of Rai's foolishness, Rai got angry and used soul force on the dummy. Except it went wrong, and Rai shattered his arm. Now, Rai hates Gage in someways, but he also doesn't. It's a weird friendship.

He also is currently enemies with Anna, Jovan, and Nex. On a mission when Xavier and Rai went to Texas, they showed up and kicked Rai and X's ass.

After it happened again, Lord Death called him too weak to go after her. Since then, Rai has gotten a little more angry.

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Rai is usually said to look similiar to Riku from kingdom hearts. Rai has a bite mark shaped scar on his left shoulder.