The red head by dream iris-d33yokd

Weapon,Khopesh, NOT Teacher.

Teaches weapon class, and Soul resonance class for NOT pairs. 

Bio Edit

Maddie is the NOT class weapon teacher. Born and raised in the USA she moved to death city shortly after her graduation to take on a teaching job at the school. While in school, she was a hard worker always trying to improve herself to be better in every way. Graduating with a soul count of 73 she retired from hunting eggs for a while to take a job at the DWMA. Strong willed and determined she pushes her students to do their best. Never afraid to punish them if they do not do their best and she knows they could do better. She does care for her students, however, she keeps an intimidating manner about her when in class to keep focus on the lesson at hand. She can become easily frustrated at times, but knows when to walk away and let things be. However, outside of class she is a bit of a carefree woman often enjoying her time off painting landscapes and reading mystery novels. She can be a bit clumsy and has a habit of tripping over her feet at times even when she teaches. Maddie weapon form comes from her mother's side of the family, since each of the women is normally weapons while the males are masters. A only child, her mother and father are happily enjoying their retained traveling around the world. Maddie has red hair and light green eyes, her skin is a bit darker shade of tan due to her grandmother being middle eastern. Her body is lean, with good size hips, a round and firm booty, and breast that are about a medium DD. Maddie stands at 5'9" towering over most of her students.

  • At the curent moment she is dating Jack Royal. 

Abilities Edit

  • Excels at strategy.
  • 1st resonance- The meister can use their soul wavelength to make high frequency vibrations in
    the air that when used in an attack can cause the enemy to bleed from the eyes, ears, nose. This can also disturb brain function as well.