Eesha by twilight town-d7kob5o

Her weapon form and human form.


Eesha is a first year NOT class weapon student. She has an accepting soul type. She is partnered with Patrick.


Eesha can cook spicy foods extremely well, she knows basic self defence, and due to her strong legs will likely lead to specialize in a leg based fighting style.

Weapon Form: Eesha can change into a custom XM8 Carbine.

First Resonance - Charged Shot: In her first resonance state Eesha's X across her rifle form begins to turn red from the center outwards as a meister holds her trigger in and resonates, when released, shoots a large powerful blast and the X is drained of the red.


To be added at a later date.


Eesha was born in Saudi Arabia, and as a result Arabic is her first language. Having grown up in a particularly religious neighborhood, her red eyes gave her a tough childhood. Labeled "demon child" by everyone she knew, and for a short time victim of various forms of harassment. At one time she was even assaulted, resulting in an x-shaped scar on her back, which she has made her personal symbol. Her fondness of 20/20 vision kept her from covering up her eyes, so instead she just avoided leaving her house. Over time, the stir craziness got to her and she decided it was best to give up her perfect vision for a life outside her home. One day she was scared into weapon form in front of her parents, and they decided it would be best for her to come to the DWMA.


For Physical Appearance refer to upper right image.

Her soul is Gray with a beanie over the top half, covering the 'eyes' of the soul.